Abstract: This paper presents an idea of automating a car parking system in order to save and reduce the time, skills and energy required for parking cars conventionally. As nowadays there is shortage of space, this system model will also help in building parking spaces which are more compact and secure because of human less entry of cars in parking system. Our system model works in two modules, one of which is a model of a smart car and second is the smart parking area that is designed in such a way that the smart car suitably works on it. The car is basically guided by the smart parking area to park it correctly. The smart parking area stores the owner’s information like his phone number and his corresponding car information in the form of car registration number. After getting these details the parking area controller automatically allocates an empty parking slot to the car and the smart car gets automatically parked to that allocated slot. Also a message (with OTP, for security purpose) regarding successful car parking is sent to car owner. Using this OTP car owner can take his car back after paying parking fee.

Keywords: Automated Parking System (APS), AVR Microcontroller, Infrared Sensor, GSM Module.