Abstract: Now-a-days the world faces the biggest problem of power. As we all know that production of power is less than the demand. In many countries the increase in demand of power is growing at faster rate than transmission capacity, and also the cost of power increasing because of higher coal prices and deficiency of fuel. Today, the growing population of countries is also one of the reasons of not getting full power. So, here we are designing such system which can efficient to both automatically monitoring and controlling of power. We can design this system using Zigbee network. Here, Zigbee plays important role in monitoring and load controlling for efficient power utilization. We discuss different hardware techniques for power monitoring, management and power controlling. Due to global warming, percentage of water on earth decreases gradually which is useful for generation of electricity. To overcome the problem of power distribution this paper will gives the solution for equal power distribution by using Zigbee network.

Keywords: Zigbee, PIC microcontroller, Current sensor, monitoring and controlling.