Abstract: A low-power level shifter (LS) using power gating technique is proposed for logic voltage shifting from near/sub-threshold to above-threshold voltage domain. Level shifter allow for effective interfacing between voltage domains supplied by different voltage level. Usually conventional level shifter which can shift any voltage level signal to a desired higher level with low leakage current. The new circuit combines the multi-threshold CMOS technique along with topological modifications to provide a wide voltage conversion range with limited static power, dynamic power and total energy per transition. When implemented in a 45-nm technology process the proposed design converts 500mV input signals to 1V output signal with lesser dynamic power, static power and total. Due to the area minimization heat dissipation also there. Using level shifter (DCVS) to reduce the heat dissipation in the circuit and also power supply.

Keywords: CMOS Technique, DCVS, Level Shifter (LS), Power Gating Technique, Voltage Conversion Technique.