Abstract: Automatic Energy Meter Reading system (AEMR) regularly read the energy meter and calculate total amount of bill at the set dead line and sends the message to service provider. From energy meter received data i.e. user name, meter ID, total units with paying amount this message maintained at database server which located at service provider department. By using this system save the time required for conventional billing system and minimized human work load. User and service provider both are get correct reading and bill amount. AEMR System can provide message at hourly, daily and monthly by the request. This technology reduced the man power, reading collection time, theft of electricity also avoids late bill payment. By apply this system data security improve. And improve customer and service provider services. Due to this system service provider quickly find out illegal and late bill paying customer by accessing database. So GSM based AEMR system is more efficient that conventional billing system.

Keywords: Digital Energy meter, GSM module, RTC, Microcontroller, PC, etc.