Abstract: Power quality has been the focus of considerable research in recent years because of the wide application of high-power electronic switchgears day by day. The main reason for having keen interest in the power quality lies in the huge economic value which directly associates with the power quality disturbances. Thus, it is essential to establish a monitoring system to detect power quality disturbance. In this paper, a simple approach to classify power quality problems based on C-Programming is presented. This approach obtains the instantaneous values of voltages and currents of the individual phases and computes THD, RMS, DC and IT-product values. The computed values are then given as inputs to the program which decides the type of power quality problem and outputs the digital value. The program is tested for various power quality problems by using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation results are presented for the classification of sag, swell, unbalance, interruption, DC offset, harmonics and telephonic interference.

Keywords: Classification, Digital output, online detection, Power quality problems, Telephonic interference.