Abstract: Embedded System is a part of a complete device often including hardware, software and mechanical parts. This project presents multipurpose manual robot that has PIR sensor for Human Detection, which get activated based on external stimuli. The system imparts simultaneous monitoring through the wired camera attached to the Bot and sends simultaneous data to the CPU. The object in front of camera is located and directed. A gun hooked up to the Bot is used for pointing the target and hit the target object for target locating and shooting applications. Opposed to most common approaches, in which detection and tracking are done by an un segregated procedure, the approach preferred here relies on a modular structure, in which detection and locating are carried out individually, and the latter might acquire input data from different detection algorithms. The solution to the overall issues is based on the use of a Image processing for detection of object and target tracking done with assistance of gun movement. The robot also senses gas detection, depth detection ,night vision and accordingly takes steps. Gas Detection is done through MQ6 Gas sensor. Depth detection and night vision application is done through IR Sensor.

Keywords: Human detection, Target Tracking, Shooting Applications, Gas Detection, Depth detection.