Abstract: Introduction of superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) into electrical distribution system might be a good choice with economy as well as practicability. The parameter design and current-limiting characteristics of a voltage compensation type active SFCL are studied in this paper. First of all, the SFCL’s circuit arrangement and operating principle are presented. Then, taking a practically 10 kV distribution system as its application object, the SFCL’s basic parameters are designed such way that it can meet the system requirements. In addition, by using MATLAB software, the complete current-limiting performances of the 10 kV active SFCL are simulated under different fault conditions. The results of simulations show that the active SFCL can deals with the faults very well, and the parameter design’s correctness can be tested. Therefore, in the view of the engineering feasibility of the 10 kV active SFCL, some preliminary discussions are carried out in this paper.

Keywords: Voltage compensation type active SFCL, Distribution network, Current-limiting performances.