Abstract: The Pedestrian Counting System is a real time people traffic measurement and analysis system for business intelligence solutions. The Pedestrian counting system provides precise data on Pedestrian entry and exit activities that concede users to make strategical decisions necessary to improve business performance. It helps managers to understand factors poignant human traffic and thus plan and optimize resources effectively. These factors may include new tenants, special ascent activities, market research, and customer advertising campaign, new competition and renovation. Most of the time, counting the number of visitors at a particular building such as museum, government building’s etc. is necessary from security point of view. For this purpose we propose a system people counter using pi camera and open CV. This system is important for the marketing research (pedestrian traffic management, tourists flow estimation) or in security use. In the proposed system we would be using raspberry pi module as the controlling unit which would transfer the video signal from the pi camera to the screen connected. Open CV software is used for image processing which would calculating the number of pedestrian entering and leaving the premises. Programming in open CV can be done using c++, ruby, java, python etc. We would be programming it in python as it is an open source language. In the literature overview, Many papers have been published this last ten years for counting (or tracking) people by using video processing with different technique (extraction of the pedestrian silhouette, make rectangular patches with a certain behavior, Placing the camera vertically to avoid blocking problem, segmentation of human region by using stereo video camera).

Keywords: Pedestrian Counting System, Open CV, Pedestrian Tracking Management, Raspberry-Pi.