Abstract: Revolution for the eco-friendly technologies bicycles was the most depended modes of transportation. By considering increase in price of fuel and the environmental factors must admit that for short distance travelling it is always good to use a bicycle than a motor vehicle. Imagine how useful would the bicycle be if even the small effort applied by men for climbing slopes and riding on rough terrain is reduced in it. The same way to develop the basics is “the e-bike”. The unit developed is a bicycle with an electric power motor and alternator that would assist the rider throughout his journey. During the ride, alternator generates electricity which stored in batteries and motor is fed from those batteries. The system modified in such a way that the rider can make choice of which mode he prefers. The rider can be chosen that the bicycle to be driven completely with the electric motor or to be driven manually by him that is by pedalling. The motor and alternator mounted on the bicycle wheel are to carry the extra little weight which the rider taking along with the bicycle.

Keywords: rough terrain, choice of which mode, reduce the effort.