Abstract: This paper presents the improved sink mobility of MIEEPB (Mobile sink Improved Energy-Efficient Pegasis-Based protocol) to prolong the network lifespan of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this work, the sink mobility improves to enhance the lifetime of the network by selecting better sojourn locations and using the idea of an intelligent sink. To achieve proficient energy consumption of WSNs, a multi-chain Pegasis has been proposed with enhanced mobile sink. As by investigating the further scope of improvement acquired in MIEEPB for selecting better sojourn locations to find desirable trajectory for the mobile sink. The wide ranges of experiments have been carried out to measure the proposed technique performance. The simulation study of work has been done using MATLAB-2013. The simulation study shows that the results of proposed work are better than MIEEPB in terms of network lifetime.

Keywords: Sojourn location, WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks), Mobile sink, 2-D DCT, Intelligent sink.