Abstract: A protection system for rotating electrical motors through condition monitoring to indentify the problem the problematic source in the motor and to protect due to excessive vibration without human observation. Maintenance of electrical motors is important the condition monitoring of motor is gaining importance in industry to reduce the downtime time costs and increase motor reliability. In the work a simulation model has been developed using piezoelectric sensor for condition monitoring to detect the problem .If any problem is occurred in any location in the motor then vibration of the whole system increases. It extracts the maximum value of vibration signals coming from different bearing positions of the motor. If the magnitude of vibration is in ‘unacceptable’ range. If the value of vibration is in ‘unsatisfactory’ range then an alert on the computer screen .The ‘unsatisfactory’ and ‘unacceptable’ condition it displays of defective bearing. This system not only protects the unscheduled shut down of motors but also increases the lifetime of motor components.

Keywords: Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis, and piezoelectric sensor.