Abstract: In this paper, presentation are a standout amongst the most widely recognized and viable methods for conveying the review of a work to the gathering of people. We execute consequently producing presentation slides for scholastic papers. The created presentation slides can be used as drafts to offer the mediators some help with setting up their formal slides quickerly. A novel structure called PPSGen is proposed to address this endeavor. It first utilizes the relapse technique to take in the sentence significance evaluation in an insightful paper by utilizing SVM, and after that enterprises the Integer linear programming (ILP) strategy to make all around sorted out slides by selecting and modifying key expressions and sentences. Evaluation deciding results on a test set of 200 arrangements of papers and slides accumulated on the web demonstrate that our proposed PPSGen system can make slides with better quality. A customer study is in like manner outlined to exhibit that PPSGen has two or three clear inclinations over standard schedules.

Keywords: Support Vector Regression (SVR), ILP, bullet points.