Abstract: The after-treatment system is used to make exhaust gases less hazardous to environment. It consists of set of sensors and actuators. Due to harsh working condition, the system needs to be tested against large number of possible faults. The correct working of set of sensors and actuator is ensured with failure modes effects tests (FMET). The conventional manual FMET is time consuming and prone to manual errors. In order to reduce the testing time and manual errors the Hardware in loop (HIL) system is developed and automated. The HIL system uses NI TESTSTAND and NI LabVIEW to automate the conventional FMET process. The system is implemented on engine emulator called Load-box User Interface System (LUIS Bench) and FMET box. The developed Hardware in loop system is more accurate and reduces the testing time significantly.

Keywords: After-treatment, Hardware in loop system, Failure Modes Effects Tests and LUIS