Abstract: This paper presents a proposed wideband Bandpass filter (BPF) using multiple mode resonator (MMR).The Bandpass filters are designed for the frequency range of 0.8-2.8 GHz. The brief history of the multiple mode resonators and the evolution of the filter by adding different techniques to enhance the filter performance and also the techniques which are used for miniaturization of the filter size are studied. With the help of this techniques the performance and size have increased and decreased resp. The outputs of various filters are compared with each other for proper analysis of the filter design to study the limitations of the previously proposed techniques. The proposed filter uses the compact structure for Bandpass filter design in ref [5]. The filter is designed and the simulation results of the proposed filter are discussed with respect to its size gain and input return loss.

Keywords: Bandpass filter (BPF), multiple-mode resonator (MMR, stepped impedance stub load resonator (SISLR, ultra wideband (UWB).