Abstract: Today monitoring environmental parameters have gained more importance due to the increasing security and regulatory compliance needs. So the measurement of such parameters becomes critically important. To do the parameter measurement of remote places, the traditional wired systems fail. Hence there is a need of next generation technology such as wireless technology. Due to the advancement in the Micro-Electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology tiny, low cost, low power, cost effective wireless modules are available and they work in such locations efficiently. This paper represents the use of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology for monitoring temperature and humidity using Arduino microcontroller, Xbee S2, DHT11 sensor and PC. Real time temperature and humidity parameters data were recorded at location Nashik (19.9975 N, 73.7898 E), Maharashtra (India). A result shows more variation of humidity parameter in night time as compared to day time. Such wireless system will prove to be boon for agriculture, health care, storage areas etc.

Keywords: Wireless technology, Wireless sensor node, Arduino, Xbee S2, Personal computer.