Abstract: Election is a major event in India which uses the electronic voting system for voting. Security and authentication is a big issue in front of the election commission. This has been a motivation for the research on different voting systems. The allotment of a unique ID called Aadhaar can be used to fill the loopholes of the current system. The role of biometrics in the modern election systems has been a major upgrade to the previous traditional system which used paper ballots for voting, as it is a time consuming process and has authentication issues. The election system was completely changed by electronic voting machine in which the whole process is carried out by the machine itself i.e. no need of ballot paper, boxes, stamps, etc. But authentication issues still persist with this system. The biometric system is found to be a reliable solution to the aforementioned problem. The biometrics is the study of physical movements and behavioral characteristics of human include items such as iris, finger prints, voice, face etc. Biometric identifiers cannot be easily misplaced or tampered with. This paper is a discussion of different voting systems with their advantages and drawbacks. A proposal of a new voting system that uses the fusion of fingerprint recognition and Aadhaar ID to cast a vote has been done.

Keywords: Aadhaar ID, Fingerprint, Voting system.