Abstract: Multilevel inverter technology has emerged in recent times as a very important in the area of highpower medium-voltage energy control. In this paper, cascaded multilevel inverter is used to reduce the total harmonic distortion. A cascaded multilevel inverter consists of series Hbridge (single-phase, full-bridge) inverter units. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) inverters play a major role in the field of power electronics. Space Vector Modulation (SVM) is the popular PWM method and possibly the best among all the PWM techniques as it generates higher voltages with low total harmonic distortion .This paper comprehensively analyzes the relationship between space-vector modulation and three-phase sine pulse width modualtion (PWM). The simulation is done by MATLAB Simulink software.

Keywords: Cascaded Multilevel Inverter, Sinepulse width modulation, Space- vector pulsewidth modulation.