Abstract: An antenna is an element used for radiating or receiving electromagnetic wave. Although antennas may seem to be available in numerous different shapes and sizes, they all operate according to the same basic principles of electromagnetics. Many types of portable electronic devices, such as cellular phones, GPS receivers, pagers, laptop computers, and telematics unit in vehicles, need an effective and efficient antenna for communicating wirelessly with other fixed or mobile communication units. Wireless communications have been developed widely and rapidly in the modern world especially during the last two decades. The future development of personal communication devices will aim to provide image speech and data communications at any time, and anywhere around the world. The increase in satellite communication has also increased the demand for antennas that are compact and provide reliable transmission. In addition, the expansion of wireless local area networks at home and work has also necessitated the demand for antennas that are compact and inexpensive. The objective of thesis work is to design the circular slot antenna and analysis their performance parameters return loss, VSWR, bandwidth, gain etc. Simulations of antenna design will be done using HFSS simulation software, which is based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). Using High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software simulation has been carried out to analyze and optimize the antenna’s characteristics and performance. In this thesis a small and compact antenna has been proposed which support several bands.

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