Abstract: In aircraft and satellite applications, where size, weight, cost, performance, ease of installation and aerodynamic profile are major constraints, a microstrip antenna which has low profile can be used because it meets the above requirements more than a conventional antenna. The main aim of this paper is to analyze and design a rectangular microstrip antenna with specific parameters like length, width, height of the patch, and dielectric constant of the substrate using MATLABR2014b and labVIEW software’s and is extended to an array of microstrip elements. The microstrip antennas are being used broadly in various radar applications such as GPS (Satellite Navigational System) technology, mobile satellite communications, the Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) system, remote sensing, air traffic control and also in military applications for target detection, target tracking and weapon control. The usage of the microstrip antennas is spreading widely in all the fields and areas and now they are booming in almost all commercial aspects.

Keywords: Antenna, Rectangular patch, Microstrip array.