Abstract: Pointing at actualization of direct and instinctive collaboration between human and robot, we are developing an interface system for a mobile robot to communicate with the user via hand gestures. Autonomous and semi-autonomous mobile robots are often equipped with sophisticated sensors designed to provide the system with a model of its surrounding environment. The paper describes widely used haptic technology in a form of glove. The invention of force and touch feedback has raised their realism to virtual world. The glove is designed to feel and interact with virtual environment. The mobile is designed along with the glove to explore the virtual world. The developed haptic glove provide force feedback to the fingers of users and accordingly it will interact with the mobile robot. So, basically the device should be light in weight and wireless actuator system; so that it can easily fit on the bare hand of the user and the user can freely make a hand movements without feeling restricted. The primary goal of this project is to achieve such a mobile robot which is controlled by wireless system i.e glove by recognizing hand gestures which is based on haptic technology.

Keywords: Exoskeleton, haptic interface, Force Feedback, mobile robot, telesurgery.