Abstract: In this paper, the new data acquisition system integrates signal conditioning, a data acquiring, data collecting and processing function into the single board based embedded system. The motive of this work is to obtain a high integration level architecture that allows signals to be conditioned, simultaneously acquired according to the external clock and triggers processed and transferred to data servers in real-time. In this task, a system of high-speed image data acquisition based on ARM and FPGA is designed according to the needs of actual system in image processing and image data transmission, which take full advantage of the flexibility of ARM and the parallel of FPGA. The choice of ARM architecture is a 32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor architecture, which has a rich instruction set and programming flexibility. FPGA has a great advantage in the speed and parallel computing, suitable for real-time requirements of image processing. And the design of the image data between the acquisition board and PC in real time remote transmission is completed using the Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Keywords: FPGA, ARM, Ethernet, camera.