Abstract: This paper presents the improved multi-chain PEGASIS (Power-efficient gathering in Sensor Information Systems) with sink mobility to extend the wireless sensor network’s (WSN’s) lifespan. In proposed algorithm, whole network space has been divided into four smaller sub-regions and further greedy formula has been severally imposed in each sub-region to form a chain. The idea of the intelligent sink has been additionally used as the intelligent sink moves on its trajectory and stays for needed time at a prefixed location in all regions to assemble information from nodes. In this work, the mobility of sink has been enhanced in terms to boost the lifespan of the network by selecting superior sojourn locations. As by investigation, it is concluded that the additional scope of improvement has been acquired in MIEEPB (Mobile based improved energy efficient Pegasis-based protocol) by using compressive sampling. Simulation results show that the proposed protocol attain better results than the MIEEPB protocol in terms of normalized average energy and instability period.

Keywords: MIEEPB, Sojourn location, WSN (wireless sensor network), Mobile sink, 2D-DCT.