Abstract: Now a day’s in India most of the train accidents are occurs due to the human errors. It is very difficult to avoid to such train accidents because of the speed of train is very high and it requires some time to control it. In this paper the effective solution is present to avoid the train accidents by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The primary goal of proposed system is to identify possible train collision ahead of time and to send the report to the main control room or driver before collision happens. Currently there is no solution to avoid train collision. Indian Railways have implemented solution based on ACD (Anti-Collision Device) system. Each locomotive is equipped with an automated surveillance system. The train tracks in railway network are divided into different frames and each segment has 10 km distance and given with distinct track numbers which are read by surveillance system inside the locomotive. Therefore the track id is needed to be given at 10 km distance on the train track. This track number will be shared with the base station by using Radio Frequency Communication system. The paper proposes specific way of numbering the train tracks in frames. Also a communication protocol is proposed to ensure data transfer among Radio Frequency transceivers of the systems under half duplex mode.

Keywords: RFID Tag, RFID Reader, GSM, ARM Cortex, RF Module, android device and LDR sensor.