Abstract: The location of generation facilities for wind energy is determined by wind energy resource availability, often far from high voltage (HV) power transmission grids and major consumption centres. Wind Farms (WF) employing squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG) directly connected to the grid; represent a large percentage of the wind energy conversion systems around the world. In facilities with moderated power generation, the wind farms are connected through medium voltage (MV) distribution headlines. A situation commonly found in such scheme is that the power generated is comparable to the transport capacity of the grid. This case is known as Wind Farm to Weak Grid Connection, and its main problem is the poor voltage regulation at the point of common coupling (PCC). Thus, the combination of weak grids, wind power fluctuation and system load changes produce disturbances in the PCC voltage, worsening the Power Quality and WF stability. This situation can be improved using control methods at generator level, or compensation techniques at PCC. In case of wind farms based on SCIG directly connected to the grid, is necessary to employ the last alternative. Custom power devices technology (CUPS) result very useful for this kind of application.

Keywords: Wind Energy, Wind Farm.