Abstract: The project presents the robust object recognition using edge and texture feature extraction. The system proposes new approach in extension with local ternary pattern called DRLTP. By using these methods, the category recognition system will be developed for application to image retrieval. The category recognition is to classify an object into one of several predefined categories. The discriminative robust local ternary pattern (DRLTP) is used for different object texture and edge contour feature extraction process. It is robust to illumination and contrast variations as it only considers the signs of the pixel differences. The proposed features retain the contrast information of image patterns. They contain both edge and texture information which is desirable for object recognition. The DRLTP discriminates an object like the object surface texture and the object shape formed by its boundary. The boundary often shows much higher contrast between the object and the background than the surface texture. Differentiating the boundary from the surface texture brings additional discriminatory information because the boundary contains the shape information. These features are useful to distinguish the maximum number of samples accurately and it is matched with already stored image samples for similar category classification. The simulated results will be shown that used discriminative robust local ternary pattern has better discriminatory power and recognition accuracy compared with prior approaches.

Keywords: Test image, Preprocessing, Feature Extraction, Database Training, Classification, Parameter analysis.