Abstract: The z-source inverter employs a unique impedance network (or circuit) to couple the inverter main circuit to the power source, thus providing unique features that cannot be obtained in the traditional voltage-source(or voltage-fed) and current-source (or current-fed) inverters where a capacitor and inductor are used, respectively. Z-Source Inverter overcomes the limitations of traditional VSI &CSI and provides a conversion, by controlling the shoot through duty cycle. In this paper the hardware design of three phase induction Motor of 0.25HP connected as load to Z-Source inverter, fed form rectifier as input is implemented. The hardware is divided into two parts: Main circuit, Control circuit. The main circuit consists of Isolation Transformer, Bridge rectifier & Filter, Z-source network, Inverter bridge (using MOSFET’S as switches) & Induction motor (3-F,0.25HP). The control circuit consists of Supply to microcontroller, Generation of isolated power supplies & Isolation and gate driver circuit. All these circuits are simulated (MATLAB Simulink) and tested for individual performance and are integrated and connected to achieve the final circuit.

Keywords: Z-Source Inverter, MOSFET, Bridge Rectifier, Microcontroller, Isolation Transformer.