Abstract: This paper discusses effective implementation of IoT to enhance able container security in marine cargo industry. It is estimated that 90% of goods traded globally are moved by around 17 million containers. However it is very difficult to control and monitor the container contents. There are various challenges like spoilage, tampering, theft, smuggling of contraband materials even nuclear weapons. This calls for constant monitoring, analysis and reporting of various parameters like temperature, humidity, radiation inside containers throughout the journey. This is a complex problem as the paths of ships are often out of reach of conventional communication technologies and are subject to rough weather. Additionally metal containers limits range of RF signals. Various technologies like Satellite/RF/GSM Communication, Cloud Computing, Device Engineering, Last mile connectivity will be utilized for the purpose. This paper reflects our thought process on effective implementation of IoT techniques to enhance the end-to-end traceability and security of containers.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IOT), RF Signal, Cargo Security, Supply Chain Management.