Abstract: The objective of voting is to allow voters to exercise their right to express their choices regarding specific issues, pieces of legislation, citizen initiatives, constitutional amendments, recalls and/or to choose their government and political representatives. But, now- a -days it has become very usual for some forces to indulge in rigging which may eventually lead to a result contrary to the actual verdict given by the people. In order to provide inexpensive solutions to the above, this project will be implemented with biometric system i.e. finger print scanning. This is used to ensure the security to avoid fake, repeated voting etc. It also enhances the accuracy and speed of the process. The system uses thumb impression for voter identification as we know that the thumb impression of every human being has a unique pattern. Thus it would have an edge over the present day voting systems. The purpose of such system is to ensure that the voting rights are accessed only by a legitimate user and no one else. In this, creation of a database consisting of the thumb impressions of all the eligible voters in a constituency is done as a pre-poll procedure. During elections, the thumb impression of a voter is entered as input to the system. This is then compared with the available records in the database. If the particular pattern matches with anyone in the available record, access to cast a vote is granted. But in case the pattern doesn’t match with the records of the database or in case of repetition, access to cast a vote is denied or the vote gets rejected. The result is instantaneous and counting is done. The overall cost for conducting elections gets reduced and so does the maintenance cost of the systems. The postal type of voting is not convenient for everyone, Hence a new option like vote from any places in Tamil Nadu by using the pre saved details of AADHAR card and by choosing the specific area for voting it comes in handy so that it becomes easy for the non home persons to vote from any place inside Tamil Nadu. The age is verified before voting and if the voter does not vote for more than three elections the citizenship will be canceled. The disabled persons will have a swipe machine where they will use their AADHAR card to vote. These simulations results are verified with the help of Keil vision.

Keywords: Finger print scanning, Database, Biometric system, Microcontroller.