Abstract: The main focus of the paper is to implement a prototype model for the real time elderly person monitoring and fall detection system. The proposed is used to measure the physical parameters like body temperature, heartbeat, Humidity and MEMS accelerometer monitoring with the help of sensors. Conventionally there are number of techniques available for the ICU patientís health monitoring system with wired communication technology. In the novel system the elderly person health is continuously monitored and the acquired data is transmitted to an PIC Microcontroller using Zigbee wireless sensor networks. Embedded processor supports for analyzing the input from the patient or elderly person and the results of all the parameters are stored in the database. If any abnormality felt by the patient automatic alarm sound will arrive. The implementation of the system is achieved by the advanced processor and simulation results are obtained by Keil c software.

Keywords: PIC16F877, sensors, Zigbee and Keil C.