Abstract: This paper is an attempt to analyze the student centred learning approaches in Govt. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam, Kerala. The strategies and requirements for shifting the teacher centred learning process to the student centred learning process have been discussed. To assist this shift, a partnership centred approach can be more useful over a certain period of time. The role of the teachers in assisting the shift from the teacher centred to the student centred approach has also been discussed. The key aspects of learner centred methodology have also been mentioned. An attempt is also made to understand the studentsí view in this matter. A survey was conducted based on a set of questions at different years of the Govt. Engineering colleges in Kerala. The questions were designed such that they reflect the requirements of student centred learning process. This study found that students from the three years (second, third and fourth year) demand social activities to be included in the curriculum. In this study, it was also found that industrial visits are most favoured by fourth year students while projects and assignments are more favoured by second and third year students.

Keywords: Learner centred approach, teacher directed learning, learning partnership, technology education, creative problem solving.