Abstract: Image is collection of number of pixel, this pixel are nothing but the binary information which is either high or low i; e (one or zero). Whereas fusion is process of joining two or more things together to form a single entity , due to which image fusion is one of technique that collect complete detail from different image. There in the fusion technique resultant fused image is very much useful for different task. This fusion image contain basic information which is important for human and machine perception by using wavelet transform we can obtain original distortion less secret image . There in this paper for getting distortion less image we used current wavelet transform because this edges in curvelet transform represent of edge is better that wavelet transform. In this paper contain implementation of image fusion using wavelet transform and curvelet transform.

Keywords: Fusion, Wavelet Family, Wavelet Transform, Wavelet base fusion, fused image, Curvelet Transform, Fast Fourier Transform, Inverse Fast Fourier Transforms and Ridgelet Transform.