Abstract: Voice recognition is an expanding trend now days for automation. As speech is the preferred mode of operation for human being, this project involves the importance of human voice that activates electrical appliances at home in wireless environment. The user makes use of voice commands to perform certain actions such as switching the lights ON/OFF and regulating the speed of appliances. This system plays an important role for the elderly and physically disables people to control their appliances in intuitive and flexible way. Using AVR (Advanced Virtual RISC) studio, we will going to run program required for proposed system work. With this voice recognition technique accuracy of more than 90% is achieved. The key objective of this system design is to provide easy means for normal, handicapped and old age persons to control and operate home appliances. Since home automation is gaining popularity day by day in todayís world, we require a system which is affordable and simple to implement. Both these qualities are present in our project which has the capability to replace existing technologies. Practical speech recognition kit is utilized in order to store and recognize the userís voice. Moreover, this project also helps in efficient use of the electricity which is an important constraint in day to day life.

Keywords: Home automation, Microcontroller, Voice Recognition, Power Supply.