Abstract: In this paper, a review and scientometric analysis of IEEE 37 Radial Feeder publications is carried out to find out literature growth and researcher interest. An IEEE 37 Radial feeder is a rare, highly unbalance underground feeder in delta configuration and located in California. The publication of study is obtained from IEEE Xplore and Science direct digital library. It is observed that the IEEE Xplore digital library has total 34 publications during 1995 to 2015, while Science direct digital library has only 05 during 2008 to 2015. All these papers are discussed in the literature review. In IEEE Xplore direct digital library, maximum publication on this topic appeared in during 2014 and whereas Science direct digital library have only 01 publications for same. Authors from the USA have contributed the maximum as compared with other countries. In the IEEE Xplore digital library, the relative growth rates (RGR) have continuously decreased from 2003 (0.693) to 2011 (0.095) and maximum doubling time (DT) occurred in 2015 (11.431), while in science direct digital library RGR has continuously decreased from 2011 (0.693) and DT has increased from 1.709 to 3.106 during last three years.

Keywords: IEEE 37 feeder; scientometric analysis; relative growth rate; doubling time.