Abstract: Electricity is the key role in developing progress of industries and modern home society. Coal and oil are non- renewable energy of resources, as the population increases the demand of energy can be increases progressively. Due to the increases of global warming and energy depletion, it is required to control and makes use of natural resources. In modern era, mostly countries focus on the renewable energy of resources. Sun is the supreme sources of renewable energy of resources. Solar energy is the most and unlimited natural resources through which more solar power be generated to use sun power, sun tracking solar system has been designed which can contain photovoltaic modules and act as p-n junction. Sun tracking solar system used mostly to increases the efficiency and power. This paper focus on the study of dual axis solar tracking system which attain more energy from the sun and extends the efficiency or gives more accuracy. The dual axis solar tracker system contain the horizontal position and vertical position in which horizontal position can be vary while vertical position remain fixed. In dual axis solar system they continuously track the sun position in both directions. The paper studied the orientation and tilting of solar panel for which maximum energy can be generated.

Keywords: Solar Pannel, Photovotaivc cell, Arduino System, Azimuthal angle, Elevation angle.