Abstract: This paper presents a fuzzy rule based control on permanent magnet synchronous motor. This work presents the results of a detailed comparative study on Fuzzy logic speed controller in Dual PMSM drives. The main goal of the control system is to determine the effectiveness of the ‘case design’ for high performance PMSM drive by comparing the speed response with ‘standard design’ obtained. It consists of Fuzzy controller that will provide robustness for motor control. This study aims to select the most robust controller against the stator faults, load torque variation and reversing rotation speed. First, a conventional PI controller was evaluated with the Fuzzy Controller with constant gain without using the observer. The comparative aspects were the speed response, the stator currents, the electromagnetic torque. The experimental results show the demonstrated the utility of using the nonlinear control with a time-varying system. In contrast, the Fuzzy controller exhibited super performance in simulated tests.

Keywords: PMSM, Load Control, PI controller, Fuzzy Controller etc.