Abstract: Due to rapid expansion in energy issue, the developments of renewable energy source are becoming more popular and attractive. The commonly used renewable sources are solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems have received a great acceptance in field of power generation for pollution free performance, free availability and for great reliability. Further development and effective use of natural resources, the hybrid systems are developed. This system has combination of two energy resources is takes place i.e. wind and solar energy. Basically this system involves the integration of two energy system that will give continuous power. Solar panels are used for converting solar energy and wind turbines are used for converting wind energy into electricity. This electrical power can utilize for various purpose. Generation of electricity will be takes place at affordable cost. In this Paper, the modeling of hybrid solar photovoltaic and wind energy system are done by using MATLAB/Simulation.

Keywords: Hybrid Energy System, Solar Photovoltaic System, Wind Energy System, MATLAB/ Simulation.