Abstract: A Novel approach towards railway system growth, safety and improvisation of the railway coaches by suitable technological feature implementation to meet the needs of the passengers in a more efficient, effective and reliable manner. Railways have always provided the cheapest and convenient mode of passenger transport and there is a dire need to bring about suitable changes in the present facilities provided by the railway system. A Novel approach of GSM based eco-friendly low energy consumption smart train with enhanced features is proposed to introduce the five new features along with some additional features to the existing system using the existing technology. The implementation of solar panels on the railway coaches to make use of solar power which is a renewable source of energy for reduced energy consumption, the Peltier device replacing an air conditioner to provide a cool healthy environment for the passengers especially concerning their health issues, the panic button and ambulance button using GSM based system concerning the safety and well-being of the passengers in emergency cases, the dustbin facility for clean environment by proper garbage disposal along with the additional feature of fuse blown-off condition with the indication of fuse, voltage and temperature status on LCD display have been proposed and implemented. All these features provided not only contribute to cost-effective and an efficient system but also an eco-friendly and clean environment which help in the further growth of Indian economy and the Railway system.

Keywords: GSM, Peltier Device, PIC16F877