Abstract: In the last decade various speech technologies like automatic speech recognition (ASR), Voice response systems and another similar system have considerably matured. These systems rely on the security of lineman working with power lines. At transmitter end the software asks the user to enter the password to confirm the person’s credibility. If found to be correct it prompts the user either to turn ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ the power system. In case if the system is now turned ‘ON’ then microcontroller first sends a warning signal using the RF wireless transmitter. A voice recognition module is interfaced to the microcontroller to enter the password. If the password entered is correct, then only the line can be turned ON/OFF. The main aim of this paper is to design and develop a life line saving security system for the line man who works on high voltage lines. In this project we are designing and developing a wireless security system using the speech processor in the real time environment.

Keywords: Speech recognition, Line man security, wireless transmitter, wireless security system.