Abstract: The paper describes the design and implementation of Industrial Explosion Control through Webpage. Fire extinguishers play a crucial role in protecting the environment due to their proven ability to fight fires while they are at their very early stages. The availability of accessible and working fire extinguishers assures that the highest possible percentage of fires will be controlled with the minimal environmental impact possible. Replacing the inefficient and carbon-intensive manual extinguisher inspection methodology with electronically monitored extinguishers will have significant positive impacts on the environment. Hence we propose an SMS based Fire indication system which will be very useful in remote locations where human interaction is limited. Such systems are useful in mines, industrial areas, factories etc. So SMS based Fire indication system helps to monitor locations and alert during fire that occurs in night time. Generally 90% of fire damages occur due to lack of early fire detection. A fire attack is usually silent and people will know about fire only when it has spread across a large area. SMS based Fire indication system gives warning immediately to multiple mobile numbers and hence remedy actions can be taken quickly. This helps to prevent major damages and losses created by a fire accident. After getting the SMS through GSM and the machine can be controlled using the Webpage developed. In this paper we have taken a DC motor as prototype for Industrial machines. Fire detector sensor, Motor driver IC, GSM modules are used in the working prototype.

Keywords: ATMEGA 8, Industrial explosion, Control through Webpage, GSM Module.