Abstract: Countless advantages with respect to performance and functioning for executing applications for image processing are divulged by FPGAs (Abstract-Field programmable gate arrays). Elaborating and developing the particular algorithms in order to find a solution for the problems related to image processing is just a single facet of FPGAs utilization; these algorithms must then undergo mapping to the FPGA. Image processing is a very important application nowadays it is utilized in many areas such as carbon-dating, army, medical etc. Algorithms present in FPGAs can be utilized to perform many operations on image like contrast stretching, brightness manipulation, operating threshold and real time enhancement of image. When it comes for implementation using Verilog codes is suitable to perform the operations that gives the favourable results and helps in enhancing the image quality and helps in counting the objects through the pixels.

Keywords: FPGA, digitally enhanced image, Verilog, object counting.