Abstract: In wireless telecommunication, the network consists of a broadcast server with a set of clients. It sends a group of information to the clients in a desired closed loop path. According to the information send by the broadcasting server the clients access it this should be happen in a cyclic path. In olden days we use fixed directional antennas for transmitting the signal from one place to another. Due to some drawback over the existing one we use multiple directional antennas at the Broadcast Server has been shown to increase performance. In many cases however, such broadcasting systems fail to exploit the full potential of the multiple antennas as they do not take into account the geographical distribution of clients within the coverage area of the system. This Thesis proposes an adaptive smart antenna based wireless push system where the beam width of each smart antenna is altered based on the current placement of clients within the system area. Coupled with a modification of the broadcast schedule, the proposed approach significantly increases the performance observed by the system clients.

Keywords: Smart Antenna, Wireless Communications, Clients.