Abstract: With the invention of new technologies, each day we are moving towards more relaxing and better future. The development in home automation technologies has led us to an ideal smart home environment. As we all know that home automation is gaining popularity day by day, we need a system which is affordable as well as simple to implement. This paper aims to build a home automation system which is based on SMS and voice recognition technology. The proposed system is divided into 2 groups: 1-Voice controlled and 2-SMS controlled. Wireless voice controlled system is mainly for elderly and disabled people to provide them an easy means to operate the appliances. The GSM module is provided in the system to control appliances from anywhere in the world and can have an eye on the security of the home. Before providing input to the system, it needs to be trained of voice command only once. After testing it was found that the system has an accuracy of 90%.

Keywords: HM 2007, GSM, Voice recognition, Wireless, Smart home.