Abstract: In gift state of affairs each technique ought to be fast, effective and. quick Fourier enhance (FFT) is a good algorithmic rule to work out the N purpose DFT. That has nice applications in communication, signal and icon process and instrumentation. Withal the Implementation of FFT needs sizable amount of complicated multiplications, thus to form this method fast and straightforward it is important for a multiplier factor to be quick and wattage economical. To tackle this sort of drawback in religious writing arithmetic could be a competent technique of multiplication. Religious writing arithmetic is that the previous system of arithmetic that successively has associate degree distinctive approach of calculations based mostly in sixteen Sutras. using these sorts of techniques within the calculation algorithms of the coprocessor can cut back the complexity, execution time, area, electricity so forth one amongst the Sanskrit literature of religious writing scientific discipline, changing into a general multiplication resolution, is equally applicable to any or all cases of copie. The traditional multiplication technique needs longer & space on Si than religious writing algorithms. Additional notably process speed will increase with the bit length. This sort of can facilitate finally to hurry up the transmission process task. The individuality through this paper is quick Fourier rework (FFT) style and elegance methodology exploitation religious writing multiplier factor. The aim of this paper is sometimes to supply a strategy to synthesize binary combinative invertible logic circuits for various outputs performs and drop-off a fancy price functions.

Keywords: CI, FFT, GO, Vedic Multiplier, Reversible Logic Gates, Quantum Cost, NG, Optimized Design.