Abstract: “STAIR CLIMBING WHEEL CHAIR”, the project aims at designing a wheelchair capable of climbing staircases with manual effort. This project is inspired by many projects done earlier on the concept of climbing stairs by wheelchair , but the modifications we are planning to do are; (i) Simpler operation mechanism, the motion of the wheelchair is operated mechanically. (ii) Reduction in the overall cost. (iii) Use of worm gear for the rotation of the shaft. The main conceptual elements that have been proposed to improve this idea are mainly to simplify the mechanism and make it work using human effort. The conceptual design, preliminary design, are being done and explained in the report. The report also contains about materials to be used and design aspects and constraints that we have to keep in mind while designing. Some of the drawings relating to our project are drawn. The model of wheelchair which helped us in getting an idea of this project are shown in the project.

Keywords: worm gear, shaft, nubs, chain, handle