Abstract: The concept of Distributed Storage System (DSS) on to the Computing systems nowadays has a wide range of usage and applications. The most important criteria with regard to the storage are security, i.e ensuring the correctness of the data stored by the customers. Data which has to be distributed across multiple networks are most probably vulnerable to various attacks by number of malicious elements. Security in distributed Storage Systems is adopted by Cryptographic splitting the data through Service Level Agreement (SLA) layer. An SLA is a formal contract base, which guarantees that consumers needed services and the quality expectation of obtained services can be achieved.SLA is considered as the legal foundation for the customers from the service provider for the service delivery. The parties involved with SLA are users of SLA. Data is split using some adaptive algorithm like Rijndahl algorithm, which is the winner algorithm of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The split data is stored in different distributed storage systems where counter measures are to be taken to get the complete data, since the data is encrypted using an algorithm when it is stored in the different storage systems. The proposed system also considers the Trusted Third Party (TTP) who is not the owner of the data, still manages to secure the data stored in the Distributed Storage System. When there is the constraint on storage space in personal PCs of Individuals, governments sectors and private institutions such as banks, Insurance companies, hospitals and other business enterprises will only consider to store their secrets to a computer system if they can be absolutely certain of confidentiality. Hence this method provides complete security on the confidential data.

Keywords: DSS, SLA, Rijndael, TTP, Security.