Abstract: The main goal of Ubiquitous computing is that it enhances computer use by making many computers available throughout the physical environment, as well as making them effectively invisible to the user. Mobile computing and pervasive computing briefs the major evolutionary steps in the field of research during the mid-1970s. Through the interconnected devices and services, pervasive computing promises seamless integration of digital infrastructure into our day to day lives. Now the focus of current research is on how to connect new devices and build useful applications to enhance functionality, the security and privacy issues in these environments have not been explored in any depth. While traditional distributed computing research tries to abstract away physical location of resources and users, pervasive computing applications often exploit physical location as well as other context information of users and resources to enrich the user experience. In this paper we have discussed about the challenges in computer systems research posed by the emerging field of pervasive computing. Initially it compares the relationship of this new field to its predecessors: distributed systems and mobile computing.

Keywords: Ubicomp, Teleporting, UNL.