Abstract: With the data services provided by cloud, many data owners are motivated to outsource their data into public cloud for great flexibility and economic savings. But for protecting data privacy, sensitive data have to be encrypted before outsourcing. Thus, data search service is very important for this Encrypted cloud data. Considering the large number of data users and documents in the cloud, it is necessary to allow multiple keywords in the search request and return documents in the order of their relevance to these keywords. In this paper, Multi-keyword ranked search is proposed over encrypted cloud data. In which user can search for data with multiple keywords of interest in search query and get ranked result of related documents. Coordinate Matching, i.e., as many matches as possible, to capture the relevance of data documents to the search request. Apriori Algorithm is used for the efficient search in the proposed system for faster access of the related documents to the User.

Keywords: Keyword search, Ranked Search, Apriori, Disjunctive search.