Abstract: This paper mainly aims to provide the location related information about the target to the tracker with the help of Short Message Service. The two main techniques used in this paper are SMS and GPS.SMS is a user-pay service. So we should not use it extensively.GPS is used because of its high positioning accuracy. It can provide the correct location information with minimum error. The method used to track the position of a target is known as Location Based Delivery. This mobile based application not only reduces the number os SMS transmissions but also maintaining a location tracking accuracy with acceptable range. The three main features used in this method are SMS delivery, location prediction and dynamic threshold. Another secondary feature includes a viewing Map. Location prediction module is built on both the tracker and the target. Dynamic threshold is another feature which will reduce the number of short message transmissions. We are dynamically adjusting the threshold value according to the moving speed of the vehicle in real time. So this dynamic threshold module is coming in target side. this paper can be used to track the location of buses. Once the location information is obtained, this information is sent to the tracker through SMS.

Keywords: Global positioning system (GPS), Short Message Service (SMS), Location Based Delivery(LBD).Mobile Phones, Location tracking, Prediction Algorithms.