Abstract: Now a days MANETS i.e Mobile Ad-hoc networks is used everywhere all over the world because of its various advantages like portability, reliability, security etc. The main advantage of using this network is a person can contact another person from any place at any point of time. It is not restricted like point to point networks. It is always very important to design well ordered, energy efficient, cost effective, safety etc. In this paper a protocol named Advanced Optimized Link State Routing Protocol is proposed, it uses modified Dijkstra’s algorithm as its main logic to find routes in dense networks. This protocol uses appropriate functions which uses weights of link and nodes to find out about the nature of paths whether it is node-disjoint or link-disjoint. Some assumptions are made and analysis is conducted and results are found. The paper tells about characteristics network node and vertex lifetimes, scalability etc.

Keywords: Dynamic source routing (DSR); Mobile ad hoc network (MANET); Optimized link state routing (OLSR), Advanced Optimized link state routing protocol;