Abstract: In this paper the technology of operating an industrial pick and place robot in both manual and automatic manner is proposed. The manual control deals with the DTMF control in which the robotic movements are controlled by using a basic cellphone keypad and the communication is established between controller and the prototype using DTMF tones. The automatic control incorporates color sorting technique using matlab interface for user input. Image processing procedure senses the objects in an image captured in real-time by a webcam and then identifies color and information out of it. This information is processed for pick-and-place mechanism. It aims in classifying the colored objects by colour by picking and placing the objects in its respective pre-programmed place. The input signals are sent to the microcontroller which drives the various motors of the robotic arm to grip the object and place it in the specified location. Based upon the detection, the robotic arm moves to the specified location releases the object and comes back to the original position. Thereby eliminating the monotonous work done by human, achieving accuracy and speed in the work.

Keywords: Pick and place robots, RF circuits, DTMF tones.